We equip, deploy, and support business professionals to build God’s Kingdom through business, especially in underserved communities.





Holistic Approach

We pursue impact for each person physically, emotionally and spiritually.



We collaborate with church leaders, anti-traffickers, community developers, and others to cultivate holistic change.


We work closely with WorldVenture to build on its 70+ years of relationships, networks, and expertise.


Throughout the Bible, we see God’s concern for people in all aspects of who they are — physical, social, and spiritual. We also see God and His truth shaping people as individuals, families, communities, and whole societies.

Therefore, our BAM businesses generate:

  • Economic impact by creating profits and jobs so people can work and provide for their families.
  • Spiritual impact by honoring God in their operations and by helping individuals follow Jesus and deepen in their obedience to Him.
  • Social impact by using their influence to promote the common good and fight social evils, in collaboration with other community change agents.

As individuals are impacted by our BAM businesses they, in turn, become forces for change in their own communities.


The kind of BAM that T-Ventures pursues needs many players. That is because we pursue sustainable transformation on multiple fronts — economic, spiritual, social — and on multiple levels — individuals, families, communities.

In order to accomplish this, BAM must be anchored by real, profitable businesses run by business people. But, the business people, on their own, cannot bring about the kind of transformation we desire. Business people and their businesses create much more impact by working in collaboration with others who are skilled in such things as anti-trafficking, church work, education, community development, and more.

At T-Ventures our collaborative model is working well. We encourage everyone to stay true to their strengths, submit to each other in their respective areas of expertise, and work together at a strategic level.  This accelerates the Gospel’s holistic impact for the good of both individuals and whole communities.

Listen to Mark and Darlene(T-Ventures’ volunteers) talk about the importance of collaboration during their time in the Philippines.


Transformational Ventures is the Business as Mission initiative of WorldVenture and operates under its authority and 501(c)(3) status.

WorldVenture has over 70 years of experience in missions, has personnel in over 70 countries around the world, and networks that reach out even farther.

WorldVenture adheres to the highest standards of fiscal accountability, conducts annual independent audits, and is a member of the ECFA. Its auditors conclude, each year, that 93% of WorldVenture’s income goes directly to field work.