As we look back on 2014, we thank God for what He accomplished through a lot of prayer, hard work, and generous giving from you, our valued T-Ventures’ partners.

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In the central Philippines, our team helped re-launch hundreds of small businesses that had been destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago. Visiting business people from the States, local business people, pastors, donors, missionaries, and others all coordinated their efforts. Thousands of people have been impacted physically, socially, and spiritually. The foundation has been laid for our BAM Business Development Center to launch in 2015.

In Nairobi, Kenya, we helped The Food Source launch a pilot aquaponics greenhouse called Uzima Farm. An initial group of fifteen entrepreneurs was trained through our BAM curriculum and they are growing their businesses to the glory of God.

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Melissa Schaap and John Graham led a dynamic team of business people, family members, and other professionals on a Business for Transformation Experience with our Kenyan colleagues in Nairobi. It was a powerful trip, the ripple effects of which are still felt both in that community and back here as well as the connection between continents.

Our website received an extreme makeover.

About a dozen people joined T-Ventures/WorldVenture to go overseas and do BAM for longer term commitments (2 or more years). Four more, already on the ground in Costa Rica, have moved from language learning to market research and feasibility study of several business concepts. Other T-Ventures BAM entrepreneurs are working hard to build their businesses around the globe.

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We held our first Transformational Tuesday Lunch, which was very well attended! Our guest speaker Randy Welsch, co-founder and president of Jibu, a water franchise business in East Africa inspired us all. We eagerly learned about building a water business, important knowledge as we raise capital to turn a well into a water business with our partners in Nairobi. To donate or purchase a cool water bottle or t-shirt, please visit our website.

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Our first guided peer advisory group launched and gained traction right in our hometown of Littleton. We call it a Business for Transformation (B4T) working group and we are grateful for Jacquie Fedo’s professional coaching and gifted facilitation ( The launch members are reporting powerful transformation in their lives and businesses. The group is poised to leverage what they are learning in BAM situations around the world. We are prayerfully planning to replicate and grow these groups in 2015, including one for mature business owners. Contact Melissa Schaap ( if you’re interested in knowing more!


This fall we sold the import company that we had incorporated about three years ago as a wholly-owned subsidiary of WorldVenture. It was time to spin it off and it now is one of our corporate partners with very close ties due to our common history.

The year was bookended by the arrival and departure of John Graham. He came in January as an intern and is leaving at the end of the year as a full-fledged colleague who made valuable contributions to God’s work. Thank you, John, for your year of service, and blessings to you on your next endeavors! The year ahead brings brims with hope and opportunities. We welcome your involvement with your time, talent, or treasure. As the Lord leads, please contact us to join our prayer team, make a financial contribution, or explore volunteer opportunities.

As we take a worshipful breath and a rejuvenating break over the Christmas holiday, we look forward to growing in partnership with you and the Lord’s creative entrepreneurship in 2015! Have a blessed Christmas, celebrating Emmanuel, God with us.

The T-Ventures Team