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The Gift of Business – Aug ’14

The Gift of Business
While in Kenya this past June, we were reminded of some very important truths.
One of these reminders came during a seminar on starting a business we led the first Sunday we were there. These seminars were offered to the members of the church who are in or interested in business. About forty-five men and women joined us for the seminar.
As we began to make our way through the curriculum, we were impressed by the interaction of the participants. They had many great ideas and thoughts and were quickly able to apply the curriculum’s principles to their business.
One particular section in the seminar stood out to us: differentiating your business. This can be a challenging concept to practically apply to your business, no matter how experienced you may be or what business you may have.
The students came up with many innovative to differentiate themselves. Frankly, we were […]

Kenya BAM Trip Highlights – July ’14

Kenya B4TE 2014
As we have arrived back from Kenya and had a chance to catch our breath, we have been able to reflect on our two weeks there and celebrate how God guided and provided for us. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience first- hand how the Lord is at work in Kenya — we were blown away by all that He is doing there!
The overarching goals for our B4TE (Business for Transformation Experience) were to listen, learn, and serve. The seven adults who formed the in-country team went with the intention of actively listening to Kenyan leaders and entrepreneurs about what is going well and what their challenges are, learning from what they have learned and are learning, and better understanding their context so we are able to more effectively serve alongside them, even as we return to the States. We give God […]

The Importance of Collaboration – June ’14

The Importance of Collaboration
The way T-Ventures pursues BAM necessitates many players. That is because the goal of BAM is sustainable transformation on multiple fronts — economic, spiritual, social — and on multiple levels — individuals, families, communities.

Business people are essential
BAM must be anchored by real, profitable businesses. They must be led by people who know how to run a company well. People who strive to honor God in how they operate the business and treat employees, customers, suppliers, and officials. Business can and must be lean, rigorous, and no-nonsense as well as God-honoring.
That means BAM needs business people. Real business people who are wired/gifted by God to do business and create wealth. It’s what they do.

Pastors, non-profits are essential
When new jobs are created by God-honoring business people, wonderful ripple effects can happen: parents can take care of their own kids instead of by unseen sponsors, women can be better […]

BAM Initiatives that Need Your Skills – May ’14

BAM Initiatives That Need Your Help
You don’t need to commit to months of service overseas to have real impact. Below are a number of different opportunities for a business person to greatly impact a BAM entity around the world.

Business Planning with Rodger Schmidt in Mozambique:

Rodger needs a couple business people to join a small team that is helping him build a business plan for a startup in Mozambique.
You can help through Skype and Email with Rodger, followed by a site visit and then capped by more Skype and Email.

Rebuilding in the Philippines:

There are thousands of businesses that need rebuilding after the typhoon devastated the central region last November. Our networks give us immediate access to hundreds of them.
Most roles require a working site visit.
All roles will be done in partnership with local leaders and business talent, coordinated by WorldVenture’s local missionary and a couple business people volunteering as project […]

Strategic Business Partnerships – April ’14

Strategic Business Partnerships
At Transformational Ventures, we applaud business leaders like you who want to strengthen your community. We stand ready and able to partner with you and your team to build relationships with emerging business leaders who want the same for their communities in less fortunate parts of the world.
By forming a strategic partnership with T-Ventures, you connect yourself and your team to a worldwide network of experts and information related to international business development with a quadruple bottom line (purpose, people, planet, profit). Your alliance with us communicates your commitment to using your business to make a difference in people’s lives– inside and outside your company, locally and globally.
The fundamental benefit of any Strategic Business Partnership with T-Ventures is the knowledge that your business is accelerating holistic transformation in impoverished areas around the world.
Some of the benefits that you receive through partnering with T-Ventures are:

A global community that […]

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