• thinking about using your business experience to encourage entrepreneurs in countries where they face challenging circumstances and limited resources?
  • wanting to create jobs that can change lives, especially where jobs are scarce?
  • looking for the right 501(c)3 with which to partner so your “giving dollars” create long-term impact that keeps growing?
  • wanting to be inspired by and learn from innovative business leaders around the world?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we would love to talk with you!
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What is a Strategic Business Partner?

A Strategic Business Partner is one who desires to use their business to strengthen local and global communities. A partnership with T-Ventures connects to a worldwide network of experts who want to grow businesses that are pursuing economic, social and spiritual impact.

What are the benefits?

The fundamental benefit of any Strategic Partnership with T-Ventures is the knowledge that you are intentionally and strategically joining God in pursuing holistic transformation in your own life, in your family, in your local communities, and in impoverished and unreached areas around the world.

Check out the Strategic Business Partnerships page to see how you can partner with T-Ventures.

Our Strategic Business Partners: