Kingdom Coffee- Aug’ 15

Kingdom Coffee
Got Coffee? Jordan and Marie Foote are WorldVenture entrepreneurs who have been working together with T-Ventures to launch a coffee business from the fertile grounds of Costa Rica’s volcanic soil. The quality coffee produced by local Costa Rican farmers comes from a world-renowned region for coffee and produces internationally-acclaimed beans.

The Foote’s vision is to be able to use their coffee business as training opportunity for locals to develop business skills that will ultimately enable them to reach the world with the Gospel. By sending self-sustaining Costa Ricans and Latinos into areas that have become increasingly difficult for westerners, (such as Southeast Asia and the 10/40 window), more individuals will be reached for Christ!

To learn more about the Foote’s journey and to sign up to receive information on when their coffee will be available in the US, visit their blog here. To learn more about Santamaría coffee, click here!


Mission Accomplished!- Jul ’15

 Hundreds of businesses re-launched!

In November of 2014, Typhoon Yolanda tore through the central Philippines and laid waste everything in its path – whole towns, homes, schools, churches, and businesses. T-Ventures joined WorldVenture’s rebuilding efforts and focused on re-starting small family businesses.
After about 15 months, we are reaching the end of the rebuilding phase. We will have final numbers in a couple months- but hundreds of small businesses have been re-launched. They include fishing, small farms, home-based stores, delivery services, commodities distribution, etc. Our collective work has helped thousands of people get their lives back on track.

All this activity was started by Mark and Darlene Godfrey, T-Ventures team members based in New Hampshire. Rather quickly, local business people took over and have done a great job running a compassionate, rigorous system.

The business re-start effort has been conducted for all residents in our target areas with no strings attached. We’ve simply been demonstrating the love of God in a […]

Trading Hope- Jun ’15

Recently Forbes magazine featured the import company that Transformational Ventures incubated and with which we still partner. Check out this article written by Anne Field and forward it to your friends!

Trading Hope is company where style meets substance, as they create sustainable change through enterprise. At T-Ventures, we partner with a number of US-based businesses to create jobs and bring transformation to underserved communities around the world. Find out more here!

Springing into Spring with Jibu- Apr’ 15

Think water. Think opportunity. Think outside the bottle.
Four years ago, The 1010 Project (acquired by Transformational Ventures in 2013) partnered with Redeemed Gospel Church in Nairobi, Kenya and Northside Christian Church in Houston, Texas, to dig a well. Having access to water has been an incredible asset to Redeemed, their school and the surrounding community!

The leadership at Redeemed saw the opportunity to turn this well into a water business.  To help them accomplish their goal, T-Ventures introduced them to Jibu, an innovative water company that has mastered the art of launching and maintaining sustainable water franchises in Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo, and now—Kenya!

To propel this water business forward, we are raising the capital to install a purification, bottling and distribution system. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Help us reach our goal through a tax-deductible donation that will make this Jibu water franchise a reality-bringing safe and affordable water to […]

Lighting Up Uganda – March ’15

Lumi uses solar power to transform lives
This month, Transformational Ventures would like to shine a light on Lumi. Founded by Thomas Bell, a T-Ventures field entrepreneur, Lumi has been working for three years to bring electricity to the the 30 million people in Uganda who can’t afford it. Check out their latest accomplishments, watch their 2-minute video, and help them power up to reach their luminous goals!

Moving forward into 2015, Lumi’s next step is to expand their business and take more power to more people. It’s an exciting time: after three years of research and testing with many different products and thousands of real customers, they are ready to take Lumi to the next level.
Over the next year, Lumi expects to reach 20,000 customers. Within 5 years, they plan to empower 1,000,000 homes! The team spent last year carefully crafting a comprehensive plan to do this with better equipment, cutting-edge […]

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2014 Year in Review

As we look back on 2014, we thank God for what He accomplished through a lot of prayer, hard work, and generous giving from you, our valued T-Ventures’ partners.

In the central Philippines, our team helped re-launch hundreds of small businesses that had been destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago. Visiting business people from the States, local business people, pastors, donors, missionaries, and others all coordinated their efforts. Thousands of people have been impacted physically, socially, and spiritually. The foundation has been laid for our BAM Business Development Center to launch in 2015.
In Nairobi, Kenya, we helped The Food Source launch a pilot aquaponics greenhouse called Uzima Farm. An initial group of fifteen entrepreneurs was trained through our BAM curriculum and they are growing their businesses to the glory of God.

Melissa Schaap and John Graham led a dynamic team of business people, family members, and other professionals on a […]

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Nairobi Update – Nov 1st

Nairobi Update: Diamonds in the Rough
If one of us stumbled upon an uncut, unpolished diamond, we’d probably walk right by it. It would be just another pebble blending into the background.
The same thing happens to talented, entrepreneurial people in the slum neighborhoods of eastern Nairobi. They blend right into the masses of people trying to live in extremely harsh conditions.
At T-Ventures, we believe that multitudes of future business owners can be found in these challenging settings. Many of them are hungry for training, coaching, and some start-up capital to launch or expand their current operations. When these opportunities are provided, in combination with the Gospel, the impact on their lives and community is profound.

A Diamond Example: Judy attended an impromptu BAM workshop led by Josephine, Melissa, and Bruce back in June. She left the workshop convinced that she should work with her love of creating artificial flowers and ability […]

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BAM Entrepreneurial Training – Oct ’14

BAM Entrepreneurial Training

At Transformational Ventures, we have created the BAM Entrepreneurial Training Association (BETA) and invite you to participate for free. This association is a community of business people using the material, continually improving it, and interacting with each other.
Please visit the web site and explore all BETA has to offer:

What is the BETA material?
Created by some amazing volunteers, the BETA material contains a complete set of lessons that T-Ventures is using to equip new and existing entrepreneurs for BAM work around the world. The BETA material provides training, case studies, and guidance for mentoring relationships that we have found necessary for providing a favorable foundation for starting a profitable Kingdom business. The BETA material targets the small and medium sized enterprises sector.
Most users of the BETA materials will probably be those who are training BAM entrepreneurs. However, a BAM entrepreneur may be able to utilize the material […]

Post-typhoon Update – Sept ’14

Post-Disaster Update: Rebuilding Businesses
We are well down the road in helping families in the central Philippines re-launch their businesses that were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan last November.
Here are some numbers that help illustrate what is happening in Northern Cebu and 3 surrounding islands, but do not do justice to the stories behind each number. The cool stories will have to wait for future updates.
Fishing businesses rebuilt & relaunched
Other family businesses restarted (Selling rice, tailoring, pig farms, guitar makers, and many more)
Coconut carving business launched
Massive amounts of work went into creating the infrastructure to assess situations, vet requests, set up disbursement and repayment systems, oversight and accountability, and reporting. Doing so on different, isolated islands added another layer of challenge.
We praise God for the local missionaries and pastors and the expat business people and donors who got this going and for the local business people, community developers, and pastors who […]

The Gift of Business – Aug ’14

The Gift of Business
While in Kenya this past June, we were reminded of some very important truths.
One of these reminders came during a seminar on starting a business we led the first Sunday we were there. These seminars were offered to the members of the church who are in or interested in business. About forty-five men and women joined us for the seminar.
As we began to make our way through the curriculum, we were impressed by the interaction of the participants. They had many great ideas and thoughts and were quickly able to apply the curriculum’s principles to their business.
One particular section in the seminar stood out to us: differentiating your business. This can be a challenging concept to practically apply to your business, no matter how experienced you may be or what business you may have.
The students came up with many innovative to differentiate themselves. Frankly, we were […]

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