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Transformational Ventures August 2016

36 Entrepreneurs Equipped:
Celebrating a Successful Business Training in Nairobi, Kenya!

Transformational Ventures congratulates each of these talented 36 men and women who worked hard to earn their business training certificate!  Each graduate completed a 30-hour, 16 session, interactive, Biblically-based curriculum.These entrepreneurs were equipped and empowered to start or grow their own business as they applied what they learned to continue to develop their new business idea or strengthen an existing business.
Special thanks to the hospitality and leadership team at Redeemed Gospel Church (in Embakasi, Nairobi) who hosted us!Our terrific team of twelve travelled from Colorado, Texas and Connecticut to work closely with each of these motivated men and women. The course involves extensive small group discussions with table facilitators, and we all enjoyed building relationships with our new friends around the tables all week long.

Fifteen of these leaders were also “trained as trainers” in order to take this knowledge back to their communities all over Kenya and Ethiopia. By the end of the week, a few of the […]

Typhoon Business Rebuilding – Final Wrap-up

Transformational Ventures July 2016 Newsletter

Years: 2.5
Lives transformed: 1,500+

 Final Wrap-Up of Post-Typhoon Business Rebuilding 
It’s been two and a half years since Typhoon Yolanda devastated the central region of the Philippines.  T-Ventures spearheaded the rebuilding of businesses destroyed, enabling over 1,500 people to get out of aid lines and back to earning a living.

Talk about a team effort!

Here are some of the players:

Visiting and local business people
WorldVenture missionaries
National pastors and community leaders
N. American churches and a British foundation
The T-Ventures community

What difference did we all make?

Hundreds of businesses were rebuilt, impacting over 1,500 people, six communities, multiple churches, and anti-trafficking work.
Injection of wage-earners back into the local economies
Restored confidence and dignity.
Increased church—community collaboration.
Revitalized spiritual lives, evidenced by new churches and growth of existing churches.
Increased local capacity, as leaders and community institutions were strengthened.
More, but you get the idea!

The impact is […]

Empowering African Entrepreneurs-June 2016

Empower an Entrepreneur Today!

Transformational Ventures will offer entrepreneurial training at Redeemed Gospel Church in Embakasi, Nairobi from July 3rd-9th. This training is for current and prospective business owners, as well as for leaders who will be equipped to be business trainers throughout East Africa. Melissa Schaap will be in Kenya from June 27 to July 14, and a team of 10 from Colorado to Texas to Connecticut will join her to facilitate this training alongside Kenyan leaders. Follow us on Facebook!
This week-long training, in partnership with Yobel International, will empower Kenyans, Ethiopians and Ugandans to develop or grow small businesses that will help them provide for their families. The cost to train each person (materials, facilitation, food, lodging, transportation, etc) is about $250, and we are looking for financial partners of any amount.
For more information about the curriculum, visit www.yobelinternational.org.
Watch Yobel’s 4-minute video here!

Get Connected!
Add your piece to the puzzle! 
If you donate $100 or more, we will […]

Solar Power Business in Uganda-April 2016


Featured Business: Lumi

T-Ventures has been working closely with Lumi for more than five years.
We have featured this innovative business in the past and the Lumi team is at a strategic point in their growth. We encourage you to get involved.



Lumi is a Business as Mission venture in Uganda that provides low-income families with affordable solar power.

“1.3 billion people lack access to electricity and rely on kerosene lamps and other polluting alternatives for lighting” (The World Bank). There are 35 million such people in Uganda alone. Solar can solve this but very few can afford the high upfront cost.

Lumi eliminates the high upfront cost by using a Rent-To-Own payment system that makes the purchase affordable for low-income families in this underserved market.


Replacing kerosene with solar electricity can prevent a house from burning, keep children from getting asthma and improve performance in school.

On top of all that, it […]

Entrepreneurship in Kenya-March 2016

Kenya Highlights:
A Thriving Church Partnership
and Entrepreneurship

Redeemed Gospel Church and Northside Christian Church in Houston, TX have had a “sister church” relationship for 10 years.
What a joy for a team of 9 business leaders and professionals from Northside, plus 3 from Denver, to visit Redeemed, located in Embakasi, Nairobi, in February.

I marvel at all the miracles the Lord orchestrates when we stay committed to and focused on a long-term relationship. I am also filled with excitement and anticipation at what lies ahead as these churches continue to build on this solid foundation and vision together for the future. Josephine Chavaseki, one of the leaders at Redeemed has facilitated and taken advantage of various business training and coaching opportunities over the past six years. The entrepreneurial spirit is palpable on this campus and the business acumen is growing every year.

The Redeemed leadership team presented their 10 year strategic plan for their church while we were there.  Our team facilitated an “Excellence! In Mission Workshop” […]

Jobs for Mombassa Wommen – T-Ventures Jan 2016

January 2016 Featured Business

New Year. New Hope. New Growth.

Jenny Nuccio radiates hope.  And she shares her contagious hope with the 21 women she employs through ImaniXchange.  Make that 27.  They just hired 6 more, including a new country director to lead the city branch of IXC!

Jenny is a mover and a shaker.
And she’s moving and shaking all the way from Mombasa, Kenya to Dallas, TX to debut her new product line at the Dallas Market from
January 21 to 24, 2016.

Participating in the Dallas Market provides the opportunity for IXC to open up their wholesale market and make some significant growth strides.
IXC is also getting ready to move into a new workshop in Old Town Mombasa! They have begun renovations — and cleaning — (see photos below) and plan to move in February. You can help them make this place a beautiful, life-giving workshop for the women who will train and work here!

Melissa Schaap (T-Ventures) and a couple women from […]

From Typhoon to Triumph — Dec 2015


December 2015
From Typhoon to Triumph

As we celebrate our Savior’s birth, we also celebrate how His victory gives us and our partners around the globe hope and strength to press on through the storms of life.We are filled with joy to share this update from the Philippines.

Philippines Update: After the Typhoon…
Long Term Business Development

Over the past two years we have shared periodic updates about T-Ventures’ involvement following Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), which devastated the central region of the Philippines in November of 2013.

First, we raised money for emergency relief.
Second, within three weeks, we started planning and raising capital (the Lord provided over $200,000!) for rebuilding destroyed businesses. With the help of Mark and Darlene from New Hampshire, hundreds of small businesses were relaunched through a loan/grant program.
Third, we are now in full swing of the final phase — long term business development.
(Learn more about our three-phase approach to disasters in this two minute clip:  Post-disaster Relief, Rebuilding, & […]

Kenya BAM Trip Highlights – July ’14

Kenya B4TE 2014
As we have arrived back from Kenya and had a chance to catch our breath, we have been able to reflect on our two weeks there and celebrate how God guided and provided for us. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience first- hand how the Lord is at work in Kenya — we were blown away by all that He is doing there!
The overarching goals for our B4TE (Business for Transformation Experience) were to listen, learn, and serve. The seven adults who formed the in-country team went with the intention of actively listening to Kenyan leaders and entrepreneurs about what is going well and what their challenges are, learning from what they have learned and are learning, and better understanding their context so we are able to more effectively serve alongside them, even as we return to the States. We give God […]

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