We work with business professionals, churches, and businesses to help transform communities around the world.

We can help you find the very best opportunity to do BAM either on your own or, better yet, along with your church or business. Get started today and impact the Kingdom!


Business Professionals




Are you an experienced business professional, passionate about business, and looking to be involved in the spread of the Gospel? At T-Ventures, we are seeing individuals and communities transformed by the Gospel, through business.  By getting involved with T-Ventures, you will join a community of committed business people who share this vision. We are looking for business leaders who want to use their experience and expertise to walk with other business leaders around the world to increase economic, social, and spiritual impact.

Below are the ways you can get involved with T-Ventures:

Join Our Prayer Team
Attend T-Ventures Events
Coach With Us
Travel With Us
Partner With Us Financially

Our Strategic Business Partners:


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Listen to a coach’s experience…


We believe churches play an important role in BAM. Churches can mobilize business people who are essential for BAM to succeed. In “target communities,”  holistic transformation puts down deeper roots when churches are involved. We have developed tools, templates, step-by-step guides, training, and professional consulting that will help your church do BAM well.

Why engage in BAM?

  • To transform communities through the Gospel.
  • To transform the lives of business people in your own church.


Weekend Training

What does it provide?

  • A training experience that will help your church members and business professionals understand Business as Mission (BAM), and equip them to identify and execute practical projects in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Your choice of interchangeable modules such as:

  • Biblical foundations for BAM.
  • Understanding and fighting poverty.
  • Introduction to BAM – a review of history, literature, and existing models.
  • Review of sample BAM projects and best practices.
  • BAM activity being used to combat human trafficking and other social injustices.
  • Our T-Ventures model – integrating business people, church, missionaries, and national leaders.
  • Identification and discussion of barriers to one’s involvement in BAM.
  • Illustrating the possibilities: A sample of current BAM situations needing basic business assistance.
  • So you want to engage in BAM work. What next?
  • Optional Sunday morning speaking (if time permits and if the presenter’s skill set aligns with your Sunday morning events).

What are the outcomes?

  • Seeing your church and your business professionals move from interest in BAM to coordinated action.
  • Coordination of the BAM activity with your church’s vision and mission.
  • Obtaining a deeper understanding of the biblical foundations for BAM and how to fight poverty.

What is the cost?

  • $30 per attendee. (With a minimum of 10 participants)
  • Reimbursement for the trainer’s travel, local accommodations (in a home or hotel), local transportation, and food
  • The cost of the meeting venue, copies of handouts from our originals, refreshments, or meals provided during the training experience


In-Depth Consulting

What does it provide?

  • Twelve to eighteen months of professional coaching that combines T-Ventures’ expertise in BAM and the church consulting expertise of our partner, Ministry Architects.
  • Access to our team, tools, events, and global networks.

What are the outcomes?

  • Your church successfully doing BAM. Through our consultingrelationship, we can help your church and its business people make sense of BAM, find new money and volunteers to engage, align your BAM efforts with your church’s mission, and go through a step-by-step, entrepreneurial process to success.
  • Troubleshoot past efforts. We can help your church troubleshoot any past BAM efforts that did not turn out the way you’d hoped and help you make adjustments. We’ve learned a lot from mistakes — ours and others’ — so we can probably help!

What is the cost?

  • To be determined through an in depth assessment by our team.  
  • Cost depends on your church’s starting point, the desired deliverables, and consulting time needed.

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Read Getting Down to Business to learn about how a church just like yours utilized BAM to impact a whole community in Mozambique.



Check out some of the ways T-Ventures can help you do BAM better in this short white paper:  T-Ventures & BAM practitioners

Being an entrepreneur, you probably like being on your own, with the freedom to pursue your dreams your own way.  But, we believe that there is much to gain from belonging to a flexible team that knows how to give you both space and strong support.

And, by belonging, you gain community with other like-minded BAM entrepreneurs and have the chance to help them, as well.

Partner with Us


If you sense a call or desire to do Business as Mission as the next phase of your career, T-Ventures may be able to help you get there.


There are many opportunities all around the world for Christian entrepreneurs to either plug into an existing BAM business or to start a new one. T-Ventures can help you do both.  But, to do that, you need to live and be effective in a new culture.

Because T-Ventures operates as part of the larger organization, WorldVenture, we can help you succeed in that new culture.  WorldVenture has over 70 years of experience helping professionals and their families survive and thrive in new countries.  In our humble opinion, T-Ventures and WorldVenture make a great tag team.


The T-Ventures team and our BAM entrepreneurs have worked with quality interns who have filled crucial roles, accomplished great things, and learned a lot in the process. If that sounds like a path you would like to take, check out the brief description, below.

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