Kenya B4TE 2014

As we have arrived back from Kenya and had a chance to catch our breath, we have been able to reflect on our two weeks there and celebrate how God guided and provided for us. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience first- hand how the Lord is at work in Kenya — we were blown away by all that He is doing there!

The overarching goals for our B4TE (Business for Transformation Experience) were to listen, learn, and serve. The seven adults who formed the in-country team went with the intention of actively listening to Kenyan leaders and entrepreneurs about what is going well and what their challenges are, learning from what they have learned and are learning, and better understanding their context so we are able to more effectively serve alongside them, even as we return to the States. We give God the glory for directing our steps and orchestrating conversations and circumstances to enable us to accomplish our goals.

One of the many highlights included listening to the business presentations by the students of the Business as Mission (BAM) course that Josephine Chavaseki (Director of The 1010 Project Kenya) has been facilitating since October 2013. It was a blessing to hear them articulate the impact the training has had on strengthening their businesses and the opportunities they have to share the Gospel through their businesses. We were encouraged and inspired as they shared with us how they are growing personally, spiritually, and professionally while they are growing their businesses.

One of many inspirational examples is Collins Ouma, an extremely talented tailor. Ouma told us the BAM course has “completely opened his eyes.” Specifically, he had never separated his business bank account from his personal finances. Once he did this and started tracking his revenue and expenses, he became more strategic in how he was running his business financially. From the BAM training, he also learned how to identify and cultivate new markets to increase his sales. He reported that he has been able to hire 2 employees to increase production to meet his demand, has doubled his revenue, and just opened up an attractive new store front in a nearby part of town, giving him access to clientele who can afford his high quality suits and dresses. The most important impact of the BAM course for him? With a huge contagious grin, he shared how he has become more intentional about sharing the hope he has found in Jesus with many of his customers. He said at least three of his customers have started worshipping at Redeemed, his home church.

These are just a couple of the many highlights from our two weeks in Kenya. For more details and stories about our time in Kenya, please check out our
Facebook page. We are excited about the concrete ways we were able to witness how God is moving in Kenya and we invite you to join us on this learning journey. If you are interested in using your business skills to get involved, please contact us.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we partner with the Lord in His transformative work through business in Kenya and around the globe!