The Importance of Collaboration

The way T-Ventures pursues BAM necessitates many players. That is because the goal of BAM is sustainable transformation on multiple fronts — economic, spiritual, social — and on multiple levels — individuals, families, communities.

Business people are essential

BAM must be anchored by real, profitable businesses. They must be led by people who know how to run a company well. People who strive to honor God in how they operate the business and treat employees, customers, suppliers, and officials. Business can and must be lean, rigorous, and no-nonsense as well as God-honoring.

That means BAM needs business people. Real business people who are wired/gifted by God to do business and create wealth. It’s what they do.

Pastors, non-profits are essential

When new jobs are created by God-honoring business people, wonderful ripple effects can happen: parents can take care of their own kids instead of by unseen sponsors, women can be better rescued from trafficking– or shielded from it in the first place, people are attracted to Jesus and local churches, and more.

But, most business people will not have the time nor expertise to both run a business (in a difficult environment) and do anti-trafficking work or church work or community development. Others who have the calling, mindset, and skill sets for that kind of work need to come alongside the business owners and those being impacted by their businesses.

When the BAM business people are expats, they desperately need the local wisdom of trusted locals. Who do you trust? Who do you avoid like the plague? When does “Yes” mean “No” or “Maybe” or even “Yes?” What are the unwritten expectations about boss- employee relationships? The business person knows how to analyze competition and risk but how do you recognize those things locally, much less understand them? The list could go on forever.

At T-Ventures we have developed a model that works well in holistically approaching a community. We encourage everyone to stay true to their strengths, submit to each other in each others’ areas of expertise, and work together toward agreed-upon outcomes. Pastors let the business people run their businesses; business people let the pastors help an emerging church take the shape it needs to in that setting; anti- traffickers work in the specific ways that the women need; community developers help everyone focus on building local buy-in and capacity.