Kingdom Coffee

Got Coffee? Jordan and Marie Foote are WorldVenture entrepreneurs who have been working together with T-Ventures to launch a coffee business from the fertile grounds of Costa Rica’s volcanic soil. The quality coffee produced by local Costa Rican farmers comes from a world-renowned region for coffee and produces internationally-acclaimed beans.


The Foote’s vision is to be able to use their coffee business as training opportunity for locals to develop business skills that will ultimately enable them to reach the world with the Gospel. By sending self-sustaining Costa Ricans and Latinos into areas that have become increasingly difficult for westerners, (such as Southeast Asia and the 10/40 window), more individuals will be reached for Christ!

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To learn more about the Foote’s journey and to sign up to receive information on when their coffee will be available in the US, visit their blog here. To learn more about Santamaría coffee, click here!

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