Mark and Darlene have been involved in business for a combined 50+ years. Mark is currently the owner and chairman of the board for Felton, Inc. Darlene has 26 years of accounting experience with various companies and has been volunteering with the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund. Through various circumstances in their lives, God brought Mark and Darlene together in 2006. At that time, they felt strongly God had a plan for them to minister together.

Early in May 2013, they sent an email to Transformational Ventures indicating their interest in learning more about T-Ventures. Bruce gave them an overview of T-Ventures along with some specifics about the three areas T-Ventures currently had Business Development Centers. After the conversation, both Darlene and Mark felt called to the Philippines to serve with T-Ventures and help out with BAM.

Mark did a scouting trip for a couple weeks in September 2013 and God confirmed their opportunity to serve overseas. They settled in and began to work on the Business Development Centers. Then Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit wiping out hundreds of businesses and livelihoods. Following the destruction, they provided relief to the community and became an integral part of the business rebuilding effort.

They did everything from teaching business training seminars to physically rebuilding boats. Their time there was incredibly beneficial both for them and for the local people in the Philippines. They helped find and create employment for entire villages that were left jobless after the destruction. The Godfrey’s were not the “saviors” of the business rebuilding effort; they were just willing to serve wherever the Lord led them. Their plan is to continue to spend a few months there annually to continue to cultivate relationships and walk alongside the business rebuilding there.