BAM Initiatives That Need Your Help

You don’t need to commit to months of service overseas to have real impact. Below are a number of different opportunities for a business person to greatly impact a BAM entity around the world.

Business Planning with Rodger Schmidt in Mozambique:

  • Rodger needs a couple business people to join a small team that is helping him build a business plan for a startup in Mozambique.
  • You can help through Skype and Email with Rodger, followed by a site visit and then capped by more Skype and Email.

Rebuilding in the Philippines:

  • There are thousands of businesses that need rebuilding after the typhoon devastated the central region last November. Our networks give us immediate access to hundreds of them.
  • Most roles require a working site visit.
  • All roles will be done in partnership with local leaders and business talent, coordinated by WorldVenture’s local missionary and a couple business people volunteering as project manager.
  • Help coach small business owners to improve their operations.
  • Be a liaison between efforts on the ground and potential volunteers in your home area.

Business Development Center (BDC) in Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Support our local colleagues as they provide business training to local Kenyans.
  • Virtual business coach for one the BDC’s students.
  • On-site workshop teaching and coaching
  • Strategic planning and informal “PERT chart planning” for the BDC
  • Vet business plans that are vying for a limited capital loan from the locally established loan fund.

These are just a few areas that could use your help right now. We also have opportunities to serve in Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica, Lebanon, and here in the United States. If you would like more information about a certain opportunity, please contact us.