Hundreds of businesses re-launched!

In November of 2014, Typhoon Yolanda tore through the central Philippines and laid waste everything in its path – whole towns, homes, schools, churches, and businesses. T-Ventures joined WorldVenture’s rebuilding efforts and focused on re-starting small family businesses.
After about 15 months, we are reaching the end of the rebuilding phase. We will have final numbers in a couple months- but hundreds of small businesses have been re-launched. They include fishing, small farms, home-based stores, delivery services, commodities distribution, etc. Our collective work has helped thousands of people get their lives back on track.

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All this activity was started by Mark and Darlene Godfrey, T-Ventures team members based in New Hampshire. Rather quickly, local business people took over and have done a great job running a compassionate, rigorous system.

The business re-start effort has been conducted for all residents in our target areas with no strings attached. We’ve simply been demonstrating the love of God in a very tangible way. Because our networks have flowed through local pastors and a couple anti-trafficking organizations, the business re-building has contributed to significant spiritual and social impact.

We are now transitioning back to our original plan – long term business development. Jim Seiler, a T-Ventures team member based in Southern California is project manager for our partnership with Missional Business Centers, a local effort to help train and mentor urban and rural poor areas to develop small businesses.

Through Mark, Darlene, Jim, and local business leaders we are also working to finalize a multi-way partnership with another US-based BAM organization and a large Philippine NGO to help launch new Small and Medium Enterprises and scale existing ones.

gathering table 2
Bruce, Jim, Darlene, and Mark with local leaders

Mark and Darlene will focus our efforts on long term coaching after individuals go through short, intensive training.  Again, this is all being integrated with local churches and other change agents, like the above-mentioned anti-traffickers and Brent and Chris Ralston, WorldVenture missionaries who have created many of the amazing networks we are now leveraging.
We’ll keep you in the loop as all this moves forward.

East Africa Trip: On the other side of the world, a small T-Ventures team is in Kenya and Uganda for a couple weeks. They are laying the foundation for T-Ventures’ joint venture for a water franchise with Jibu and to have a T-Ventures staff person on the ground as an East Africa coordinator.  You can follow the team, learn more details, and pray for them by clicking here. Check our T-Ventures Facebook for highlights of the journey as well!