BAM Entrepreneurial Training

At Transformational Ventures, we have created the BAM Entrepreneurial Training Association (BETA) and invite you to participate for free. This association is a community of business people using the material, continually improving it, and interacting with each other.

Please visit the web site and explore all BETA has to offer:

What is the BETA material?

Created by some amazing volunteers, the BETA material contains a complete set of lessons that T-Ventures is using to equip new and existing entrepreneurs for BAM work around the world. The BETA material provides training, case studies, and guidance for mentoring relationships that we have found necessary for providing a favorable foundation for starting a profitable Kingdom business. The BETA material targets the small and medium sized enterprises sector.

Most users of the BETA materials will probably be those who are training BAM entrepreneurs. However, a BAM entrepreneur may be able to utilize the material on his/her own, especially with a dedicated circle of advisors.

How do I use the BETA material?

The BETA training program is modular, allowing users to complete all or part of the training materials. Lesson topics may be chosen or adapted to serve the specific needs of each BETA user: (1) The full training program can be completed as an intensive 12-18 month program, or at a slower pace over the course of several years; (2) Selecting a specific topic area, BETA users can complete a single lesson at their own pace.

The training program includes (1) universal training materials to be used with entrepreneurs in any country; and (2) country-specific examples mostly from Mindanao in the Philippines. These country-specific examples can serve as helpful illustrations and are meant to be adapted based on the entrepreneur’s unique situation.

How do I access the BETA material?

The BETA materials contain supporting materials and complete lessons in three courses, and are in .pdf format that you can open, download, and save to your computer. BETA materials are accessed by clicking on the “BETA Materials” tab in the top ribbon at From that tab you initially create your user name and password and afterward log in to the web site for the first time, and every other time you visit the web site.

If you have questions or need help with the site email us and you will be contacted by John or Jennifer, our BETA-Ventures team.

Looking forward to working with you!