Think water. Think opportunity. Think outside the bottle.

Four years ago, The 1010 Project (acquired by Transformational Ventures in 2013) partnered with Redeemed Gospel Church in Nairobi, Kenya and Northside Christian Church in Houston, Texas, to dig a well. Having access to water has been an incredible asset to Redeemed, their school and the surrounding community!

The leadership at Redeemed saw the opportunity to turn this well into a water business.  To help them accomplish their goal, T-Ventures introduced them to Jibu, an innovative water company that has mastered the art of launching and maintaining sustainable water franchises in Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo, and now—Kenya!


To propel this water business forward, we are raising the capital to install a purification, bottling and distribution system. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Help us reach our goal through a tax-deductible donation that will make this Jibu water franchise a reality-bringing safe and affordable water to the Redeemed community.
Thanks to our matching partners, your $1 turns into $3. That means if you donate $100, you are actually donating $300! 

Join the ripple effect with these two steps:
1. Donate directly to the water business by clicking here.
2. Share this link to encourage your friends to jump in, and TOGETHER we’ll make a big splash!

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