Our Strategies:

Equip BAM Entrepreneurs

T-Ventures works with entrepreneurs to equip, train and mobilize them to use their businesses and resources to build the Kingdom.

  • We equip expatriate entrepreneurs with the tools, training, and networks necessary to thrive in their new culture and start their BAM business.
  • We work with local entrepreneurs and business owners through Business Development Centers.

Our Business Development Centers focus our efforts to develop BAM businesses, especially in the small to medium-sized sector. We do that by supplying entrepreneurial business training, coaching, access to global networks, integration of business with spiritual/social impact, and capital. We also help micro-sized businesses grow into small businesses.

 Involve Business Professionals

We provide opportunities for business professionals to use their skills and experience to promote profitable business activity that:

  • Builds the Kingdom
  • Breaks the cycle of poverty
  • Strengthens local churches
  • Develops community leaders
  • Enables families to care for their children
  • Fights human trafficking
  • Impacts those who volunteer

These business professionals provide much needed coaching for our BAM partners in the field. They also use their skills and experience in other capacities that serve the purpose of T-Ventures.

Consult for Churches

We help churches mobilize their business people and engage successfully in projects around the world. Some of our services include:

  • Integrate business with church vision
  • Equip business people for successful involvement
  • Site visits to gain experience
  • Step by step coaching and materials
  • Promote collaboration to get moving quickly
  • Tools to create custom opportunities

Promote Collaboration

T-Venture helps connect Kingdom-minded businesses with each other to find mutually beneficial solutions that impact the needy of our communities.