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Mission Accomplished!- Jul ’15

 Hundreds of businesses re-launched!

In November of 2014, Typhoon Yolanda tore through the central Philippines and laid waste everything in its path – whole towns, homes, schools, churches, and businesses. T-Ventures joined WorldVenture’s rebuilding efforts and focused on re-starting small family businesses.
After about 15 months, we are reaching the end of the rebuilding phase. We will have final numbers in a couple months- but hundreds of small businesses have been re-launched. They include fishing, small farms, home-based stores, delivery services, commodities distribution, etc. Our collective work has helped thousands of people get their lives back on track.

All this activity was started by Mark and Darlene Godfrey, T-Ventures team members based in New Hampshire. Rather quickly, local business people took over and have done a great job running a compassionate, rigorous system.

The business re-start effort has been conducted for all residents in our target areas with no strings attached. We’ve simply been demonstrating the love of God in a […]

Trading Hope- Jun ’15

Recently Forbes magazine featured the import company that Transformational Ventures incubated and with which we still partner. Check out this article written by Anne Field and forward it to your friends!

Trading Hope is company where style meets substance, as they create sustainable change through enterprise. At T-Ventures, we partner with a number of US-based businesses to create jobs and bring transformation to underserved communities around the world. Find out more here!

Springing into Spring with Jibu- Apr’ 15

Think water. Think opportunity. Think outside the bottle.
Four years ago, The 1010 Project (acquired by Transformational Ventures in 2013) partnered with Redeemed Gospel Church in Nairobi, Kenya and Northside Christian Church in Houston, Texas, to dig a well. Having access to water has been an incredible asset to Redeemed, their school and the surrounding community!

The leadership at Redeemed saw the opportunity to turn this well into a water business.  To help them accomplish their goal, T-Ventures introduced them to Jibu, an innovative water company that has mastered the art of launching and maintaining sustainable water franchises in Rwanda, Uganda, DR Congo, and now—Kenya!

To propel this water business forward, we are raising the capital to install a purification, bottling and distribution system. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Help us reach our goal through a tax-deductible donation that will make this Jibu water franchise a reality-bringing safe and affordable water to […]

Lighting Up Uganda – March ’15

Lumi uses solar power to transform lives
This month, Transformational Ventures would like to shine a light on Lumi. Founded by Thomas Bell, a T-Ventures field entrepreneur, Lumi has been working for three years to bring electricity to the the 30 million people in Uganda who can’t afford it. Check out their latest accomplishments, watch their 2-minute video, and help them power up to reach their luminous goals!

Moving forward into 2015, Lumi’s next step is to expand their business and take more power to more people. It’s an exciting time: after three years of research and testing with many different products and thousands of real customers, they are ready to take Lumi to the next level.
Over the next year, Lumi expects to reach 20,000 customers. Within 5 years, they plan to empower 1,000,000 homes! The team spent last year carefully crafting a comprehensive plan to do this with better equipment, cutting-edge […]

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Nairobi Update – Nov 1st

Nairobi Update: Diamonds in the Rough
If one of us stumbled upon an uncut, unpolished diamond, we’d probably walk right by it. It would be just another pebble blending into the background.
The same thing happens to talented, entrepreneurial people in the slum neighborhoods of eastern Nairobi. They blend right into the masses of people trying to live in extremely harsh conditions.
At T-Ventures, we believe that multitudes of future business owners can be found in these challenging settings. Many of them are hungry for training, coaching, and some start-up capital to launch or expand their current operations. When these opportunities are provided, in combination with the Gospel, the impact on their lives and community is profound.

A Diamond Example: Judy attended an impromptu BAM workshop led by Josephine, Melissa, and Bruce back in June. She left the workshop convinced that she should work with her love of creating artificial flowers and ability […]

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Strategic Business Partnerships – April ’14

Strategic Business Partnerships
At Transformational Ventures, we applaud business leaders like you who want to strengthen your community. We stand ready and able to partner with you and your team to build relationships with emerging business leaders who want the same for their communities in less fortunate parts of the world.
By forming a strategic partnership with T-Ventures, you connect yourself and your team to a worldwide network of experts and information related to international business development with a quadruple bottom line (purpose, people, planet, profit). Your alliance with us communicates your commitment to using your business to make a difference in people’s lives– inside and outside your company, locally and globally.
The fundamental benefit of any Strategic Business Partnership with T-Ventures is the knowledge that your business is accelerating holistic transformation in impoverished areas around the world.
Some of the benefits that you receive through partnering with T-Ventures are:

A global community that […]

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