2014 Year in Review

As we look back on 2014, we thank God for what He accomplished through a lot of prayer, hard work, and generous giving from you, our valued T-Ventures’ partners.

In the central Philippines, our team helped re-launch hundreds of small businesses that had been destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago. Visiting business people from the States, local business people, pastors, donors, missionaries, and others all coordinated their efforts. Thousands of people have been impacted physically, socially, and spiritually. The foundation has been laid for our BAM Business Development Center to launch in 2015.
In Nairobi, Kenya, we helped The Food Source launch a pilot aquaponics greenhouse called Uzima Farm. An initial group of fifteen entrepreneurs was trained through our BAM curriculum and they are growing their businesses to the glory of God.

Melissa Schaap and John Graham led a dynamic team of business people, family members, and other professionals on a […]

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Nairobi Update – Nov 1st

Nairobi Update: Diamonds in the Rough
If one of us stumbled upon an uncut, unpolished diamond, we’d probably walk right by it. It would be just another pebble blending into the background.
The same thing happens to talented, entrepreneurial people in the slum neighborhoods of eastern Nairobi. They blend right into the masses of people trying to live in extremely harsh conditions.
At T-Ventures, we believe that multitudes of future business owners can be found in these challenging settings. Many of them are hungry for training, coaching, and some start-up capital to launch or expand their current operations. When these opportunities are provided, in combination with the Gospel, the impact on their lives and community is profound.

A Diamond Example: Judy attended an impromptu BAM workshop led by Josephine, Melissa, and Bruce back in June. She left the workshop convinced that she should work with her love of creating artificial flowers and ability […]

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The Importance of Collaboration – June ’14

The Importance of Collaboration
The way T-Ventures pursues BAM necessitates many players. That is because the goal of BAM is sustainable transformation on multiple fronts — economic, spiritual, social — and on multiple levels — individuals, families, communities.

Business people are essential
BAM must be anchored by real, profitable businesses. They must be led by people who know how to run a company well. People who strive to honor God in how they operate the business and treat employees, customers, suppliers, and officials. Business can and must be lean, rigorous, and no-nonsense as well as God-honoring.
That means BAM needs business people. Real business people who are wired/gifted by God to do business and create wealth. It’s what they do.

Pastors, non-profits are essential
When new jobs are created by God-honoring business people, wonderful ripple effects can happen: parents can take care of their own kids instead of by unseen sponsors, women can be better […]

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