Post-Disaster Update: Rebuilding Businesses
We are well down the road in helping families in the central Philippines re-launch their businesses that were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan last November.
Here are some numbers that help illustrate what is happening in Northern Cebu and 3 surrounding islands, but do not do justice to the stories behind each number. The cool stories will have to wait for future updates.
Fishing businesses rebuilt & relaunched
Other family businesses restarted (Selling rice, tailoring, pig farms, guitar makers, and many more)
Coconut carving business launched
Massive amounts of work went into creating the infrastructure to assess situations, vet requests, set up disbursement and repayment systems, oversight and accountability, and reporting. Doing so on different, isolated islands added another layer of challenge.
We praise God for the local missionaries and pastors and the expat business people and donors who got this going and for the local business people, community developers, and pastors who […]