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Years: 2.5

Lives transformed: 1,500+

 Final Wrap-Up of Post-Typhoon Business Rebuilding 
It’s been two and a half years since Typhoon Yolanda devastated the central region of the Philippines.  T-Ventures spearheaded the rebuilding of businesses destroyed, enabling over 1,500 people to get out of aid lines and back to earning a living.
Talk about a team effort!

Here are some of the players:pic-1

  • Visiting and local business people
  • WorldVenture missionaries
  • National pastors and community leaders
  • N. American churches and a British foundation
  • The T-Ventures community
What difference did we all make?

  • Hundreds of businesses were rebuilt, impacting over 1,500 people, six communities, multiple churches, and anti-trafficking work.
  • Injection of wage-earners back into the local economies
  • Restored confidence and dignity.
  • Increased church—community collaboration.
  • Revitalized spiritual lives, evidenced by new churches and growth of existing churches.
  • Increased local capacity, as leaders and community institutions were strengthened.
  • More, but you get the idea!

The impact is still growing.

  • Most of the business rebuilding loans are being paid back. That money is back out in the community launching more businesses and creating more impact.
  • The pool of capital and interest being generated will not be enough to create a sustainable/profitable loan program – that was never our intent.  But, the revolving loans will stretch out the impact of the program for another few years.
One Story…well, Twopic-2
After the typhoon, Eleazer and Lolita had to sell their hogs to make repairs to their home and property.  As a result they lost their means of
income. Our loan enabled them to acquire six new hogs and rebuild their hog pen.  Seven months later they were able to sell their hogs and made a 5,000 Php profit and the upward business cycle was in motion.
As a result of helping them, Eleazer and Lolita starting going to a local church with which we collaborate.  Eleazer soon became a leader in the church and began an outreach to some of the fishermen in another community.  Many of these fishermen lost their boats – and thus businesses – in the typhoon. We enabled them to replace those boats.
Same story, Part 2: 

One such fampic-3ily of fishermen was the Bustillo family.  Our loan enabled them to replace their boat, the essential tool for their family business.  As a result, they can now  afford to send their daughters (Grade 8 and 5) and eventually theirson to school.  No one is simply giving that huge advantage to their children; the parents are working to provide for their own kids.  However, our business rebuilding team gave the parents the opportunity and confidence they needed.

 We are thankful!
We are thankful to God and to His people for the impact we created together, as co-laborers.  Isn’t it amazing that God allows us to be involved in what He is doing?!

Thanks for your part in giving, or praying,
or simply caring and paying attention.

Until next time,
The T-Ventures Team

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