We engage in rigorous, Gospel-centered business because we believe that business has the ability to impact individuals and change whole communities. We collaborate with church leaders, community developers, social justice workers, and others to cultivate holistic change.

We use the term Business as Mission (BAM) to talk about the work that we do. Below are key characteristics of BAM, which provide the framework for how we interact with businesses and communities all around the world.

Business as Mission:

  • Pursues profitability
  • Honors God in its operations
  • Pursues Kingdom impact
  • Collaborates with its community









Check out the below list to gain a better understanding of BAM and social enterprise.

Our Strategies

Equip BAM Entrepreneurs

T-Ventures works with entrepreneurs to equip, train and mobilize them to use their businesses and resources to build the Kingdom.

  • We equip expatriate entrepreneurs with the tools, training, and networks necessary to thrive in their new culture and start their BAM business.
  • We work with local entrepreneurs and business owners through Business Development Centers.

Our Business Development Centers focus our efforts to develop BAM businesses, especially in the small to medium-sized sector. We do that by supplying entrepreneurial business training, coaching, access to global networks, integration of business with spiritual/social impact, and capital. We also help micro-sized businesses grow into small businesses.

 Involve Business Professionals

We provide opportunities for business professionals to use their skills and experience to promote profitable business activity that:

  • Builds the Kingdom
  • Breaks the cycle of poverty
  • Strengthens local churches
  • Develops community leaders
  • Enables families to care for their children
  • Fights human trafficking
  • Impacts those who volunteer

These business professionals provide much needed coaching for our BAM partners in the field. They also use their skills and experience in other capacities that serve the purpose of T-Ventures.

Consult for Churches

We help churches mobilize their business people and engage successfully in projects around the world. Some of our services include:

  • Integrate business with church vision
  • Equip business people for successful involvement
  • Site visits to gain experience
  • Step by step coaching and materials
  • Promote collaboration to get moving quickly
  • Tools to create custom opportunities

Promote Collaboration

If a Kingdom-minded entrepreneur starts and scales a business that is a good thing; God will use the efforts. But, if that business operates in its own little bubble in a community, it leaves a lot of potential impact on the table.

At T-Ventures, we help local and expatriate business people connect and collaborate with other change agents in the community.  For example, business people, pastors, and anti-traffickers have different skill sets and expertise.  Entrepreneurs are good at creating jobs and those jobs can help women stay out of the sex industry and help churches be strong.

It takes intentional effort and “bridging” to help for-profit and nonprofit people to work together well.  T-Ventures has learned a lot about doing bridging well.

BAM & Kingdom Impact

This specific story is fictitious but very real — a compilation from many situations around the world.

There once was a family…

“Family” might not be the best word, but it’s all we have. Husband will be the focus of our attention. He has no job; neither does Wife. They live in a primitive shack in a sprawling slum on the outskirts of a large city. No water, irregular electricity pirated from the local lines, and open sewage at the front door. Rats and gangs infest the place.

We won’t give names to our subjects, to avoid national or ethnic labels. They could live in a lot of places in the developing world.

Husband is a wreck. A psychologist might say his behavior comes from anger and hopelessness – no job, no future, powerless to provide for his family. Husband has spiraled down to where he spends his idle time (all day) at the local tavern, swapping stories with his buddies and “self medicating.” Once in a while he gets a menial job for a morning or keeps watch for the local drug dealer. He spends any money he earns on alcohol, his friends, and a part-time mistress.

When Wife nags him enough, he tosses a little money her way. What she mostly receives, though, is abuse when tempers flair and they scream back and forth. The Kids scatter. The cacophony of noise outside drowns out Parents. Kids spend their lives in the street and feel better there, usually.

Now, let’s try to change things.

A Good Result

A good thing happens. A humanitarian organization enters the slum and sets up child sponsorships. Kids get registered and sponsors “adopt” them. Suddenly, Kids can go to school, where they get a nutritious meal and can learn to read and write. Much less time is spent on the streets. A ray of hope lights up their lives. But, it’s hard to focus at school and do homework with the yelling at home and no schedule or boundaries. The street stills calls them each afternoon and evening. Mother tries but can hardly cope with day to day life, much less nurturing Kids. But, they now have a lifeline if they can grab onto it.

A Better Result

Something better happens. A group of business people start a light manufacturing operation next to the slum. Husband sees an opportunity, applies for a job, and gets hired! He seems less angry and the yelling lessens. More money finds it’s way home, lowering Kids’ dependence on unseen sponsors. Husband feels pretty good about that. But, habits die hard and Husband’s grip on his job is tenuous because he misses work, hung over from the night before. The majority of his pay still gets consumed at the tavern and he can now afford his mistress full-time. Still, Kids, Wife, and Family are doing better.

The Best Result

The best happens! You see, the business owners are passionate followers of Jesus. They run a lean business with vigor and integrity. They treat those around them fairly, with just a touch of grace. Husband notices and starts talking with the owners about why they are so different. Eventually, he decides to follow Jesus. He starts hanging out with other guys on the same spiritual journey. Inexplicably, he starts changing from the inside out. He wants to be a real Husband and Father. He dumps the mistress. He spends much more time at home, bringing most of his pay with him. The screaming stops. Kids start relaxing in a safe and nurturing home. Family integrates into a local church community.

Husband has a job, self respect, and a new heart! A job without a new heart brings very real benefit, with limits. A new heart without regular income would solve some significant problems but not all of them.

This is the best of all worlds, focused on one Family. Kids’ future now looks very bright, since Family is becoming a firm foundation for launching them into life. Real Power and Change.

Our strategy for transforming lives does not count on new social groups and norms, alone, to influence Husband. We count on a very real and personal God who cares intensely about Husband and Family. We believe this God doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. When Husband permits, we count on God to grab a hold of Husband and change him in ways that can only be described as supernatural. We believe in that level of spiritual impact and have seen it happen over and over.

When economic, spiritual, and social solutions coincide, Family and Kids are deeply transformed. That’s when our smiles at Transformational Ventures get the biggest.