Business Development Center (BDC)

T-Ventures has established a Business Development Center in Nairobi, Kenya in close partnership with a local Kenyan church and a local NGO, 1010 Kenya. The BDC is providing business training for local businessmen and women, as well as overseeing some other local start-ups designed for Kingdom Impact. Through the BDC, T-Ventures has seen multiple businesses strengthened, new businesses launched, and an overall excitement for business.


Franchising Clean Water

We have also been instrumental in helping one of our strategic business partners, Jibu, launch its first water franchise in Kenya.  It is connected, by strategy and vision, to the same cluster of business activity being promoted by the BDC.  See more about Jibu.


Uzima farm is an aquaponics greenhouse (combination of hydroponics and aqualife) that was started by the Food Source (a U.S. based non-profit) in partnership with 1010 Kenya in Nairobi. It is designed to be a profitable business through produce sales to local customers and to provide 1010 Kenya with fresh produce. This greenhouse is a pilot effort that will hopefully be replicated in other parts of the country, Africa, and the world. Learn more about Uzima Farm by visiting

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