BAM in Mozambique

Free the Girls is a non-profit organization that incorporates economic activity into its strategy. ¬†Free the Girls empowers women coming out of the sex-trafficking industry by providing them with a job — buying used clothes, mostly gently used bras, and reselling them at market price. Learn more about Free the Girls at

Dave Terpstra and his team have launched a gym/fitness center in Maputo, Mozambique. The gym is profitable, creates jobs for local young men living on the street, helps clients a way be healthy, and builds relationships that encourage friendship and spiritual impact. Learn more about Armadura Gyms by visiting their Facebook page.

New Start-ups

Rodger Schmidt is taking lessons learned from six years of doing business in Mozambique’s capital to another area of the country. Several small businesses have been launched so far, including a local transportation company and a small bakery/coffee house. Rodger and his team have plans to introduce more ventures in this area.